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The Scum Villian's Self-Saving System

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Author: Mòxiāng Tóngxiù

My Age Rating: MA17+ due to the psychological complexities the story touches upon.

From the writer of The Untamed and Heaven Official's Blessing.  This is a unique premise for this renowned boys love/historical fantasy writer.

The story begins with Shen Yuan a twenty-something dedicated web novel reader of a story called Proud Immortal Demon Way. He curses the author and story just before he dies after choking on a pork bun (like seriously, a pork bun), which sees his soul reborn into the story's villain. Determined to not walk the villain's shoes and hug the protagonist's thighs, he goes about changing the story via guidance of a system.

Things to point out.

  • It's a BL/Boys Love, Yaoi, Danmei.   Don't know what that is? I suggest a quick google on the terms to be up to speed and have your eyes popping out of your sockets. 
  • The author is something of a grand master of Chinese BL set in historical fantasy periods.
  • I read a translation that had struggled with a few terms, so I'm not entirely sure I got full context on some of the humor.


In my opinion, system stories are either good or bad.  This story integrates the system quite well that it's almost a seamless other character. Like all system characters, it provides a comical balance to the melodramatics whilst giving factual updates to keep the pace flowing smoothly.  The character design is tight and unfolds well.  I like the fact that the story uses clichés in a sort of parody to unfold a unique take on a typical boys' love plot. 

Like all worthy BL, the characters are memorable. The cast was well balanced and distinct; playing out their story purpose without noticeable inconsistency.


The excess use of idioms sometimes hampered on the reading flow. I felt that a lot could've been said in simpler terms, but also understood that the idioms were a form of character expression and giving hint to the main character's demographic. In that sense, I can see why the author chose to include them. Personally, I hesitate to use too many idioms as they date the story fast.

The loves scenes were, well, I guess realistic if not painful to experience in the mind. I wouldn't say they were steamy. I think it left some readers misunderstanding that they were forms of BDSM or unhealthy abuse when I read some of the book's forum comments. Because the main character's uke moments were kind of squeamish to read. However, the setup and intentions of those lovey dovey scenes were actually endearing. I could see that the author was trying to demonstrate the inexperience of the main character and his lover.  On that aspect, it was cleverly done.


It was a well-written story that is re-readable. I can definitely understand why it's one of Tencent's top ranking/selling boys love title.

Bonus: This is now an anime on WeTV.

Topic starter Posted : 08/12/2020 8:16 am
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