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[Closed] Introduction to TWC's community ranks and badges

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Hello! {pear}:smile:  


You may have noticed that there is a small colored icon as well as a banner with a text under your username.



The colored banner with a text is your rank within The Writer's Circus Community Forum. Your rank indicates how involved you are in the community.

As you continue to visit and contribute, your rank will change based on your reputation points. You will earn reputation points based on your engagement level and quality interactions with other fellow community members.

Simply said, the more engaged you are, the higher you'll rank up. As you begin your journey in the community, your starting rank is "Writing Enthusiast."

Here are the ranks:

  • Level 0 - Writing Enthusiast 
  • Level 1 - Writer's Assistant
  • Level 2 - Content Writer
  • Level 3 - Copywriter
  • Level 4 - Advice Columnist
  • Level 5 - Pro Blogger
  • Level 6 - Published Novelist
  • Level 7 - Fan Favorite
  • Level 8 - Bestselling Author 
  • Level 9 - Pulitzer Winner
  • Level 10 - Creator of Worlds


What can you do to get reputation points?

  • Log in daily.
  • Read an article on the website.
  • Comment on an article on the website (please note that any comments marked as SPAM as well as deleted/unapproved comments will result in a deduction of your reputation points).
  • Refer someone to visit the website or sign up to the community with your affiliate link. Please note:
    • The referred visitor can not already be logged in as a member of the community.
    • If the referred visitor hides their IP address or uses a proxy that hides their IP, you will not get any reputation points.
    • Referred visitors that already have a cookie will not trigger the reputation points reward.
    • Here's your affiliate link:
  • Receive likes on your posts or upvotes on your question/answer in the "Writing Help" section (please note that dislikes on your posts or downvotes on your question/answer will result in a deduction of your reputation points).
  • Have your answer chosen as the answer by the question author in the "Writing Help" section.
  • Share a website article to your social media accounts using the share buttons under the article.




In addition to ranking up, you’ll have opportunities to earn special badges for your profile in The Writer's Circus community forum. These badges are indicators of special achievements and milestones you’ll reach in the community. They can be earned from reaching a certain number of posts, getting a certain amount of likes, or completing contests or challenges. As the community grows, there will be more badges to celebrate other significant happenings in the community.




- You must be signed in to receive ranks and badges.
- Certain activities have a cap on the number of reputation points you can earn within a certain duration.

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