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Is Gramarly a good tool to use for writers?


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I have it on my browser and mostly just use it for running through my blog articles before publishing them. I have noticed that it does miss some things and I have had to go back and fix certain parts of my writing. My grammar is not always the best so I like to have something to help me spot things I miss. I have the free version of it and I am considering getting the paid version and using it for when I start writing my first book. Is it a reliable program for something like this or am I better off hiring someone to proofread for me? 

2 Answers

I feel it is a great tool to use for writing as it catches many of the mistakes, I am wondering if the premium version would be more effective>

But like anything you need to proof read your copy several times before publishing and also have someone else read it through, is also a good 

option, that second set of eyes.

I also read the content if I writing later at night, I wait until the morning before publishing, I feel that is helpful.


Sure, Grammarly is good. But should not be used as the ultimate grammar solution, it should be used just as a guide. Since it is an AI, it also makes some pretty obvious mistakes, especially when writing in a casual tone. 

In order to capture the reader's attention, i prefer to write the same way I would talk. And the Grammarly AI is not trained to do that. It will follow the rules of grammar strictly, which won't always apply to all writings. 

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